Gray Muzzle Society

Helping pets grow old with their people

Few things are as powerful as the human-animal bond. Sadly, thousands of pets are separated from their families each year due to unexpected circumstances. We provide families with the resources they need to keep pets where they belong, at home with the people who love them.

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Save a Life

 Gray Muzzle Legacies

Gray Muzzle Legacies is the perfect way to honor the gray muzzled friend you’ve had to say goodbye to while helping to save somebody else’s. Make a recurring donation to create a Legacy Grant in your pet’s name, you’ll keep their memory alive and make a lasting impact for pets and their people.


Make a one time or recurring donation securely online. Your donation will allow Gray Muzzle Society to continue working to keep pets out of shelters and with their families. You can also shop online for Gray Muzzle gear. Not in a place to donate but still want to help? Follow us on social media or share our campaigns with your friends. 

What we do

Financial Support for Pets in Need

Veterinary Care

Even the best pet parents can run into unexpected veterinary bills, hard times, and too often a combination of the two. We provide financial support that makes sure pets get the care that they need and stay with the people who love them.

Behavioral Support

Constant barking, aggression, inappropriate urination, and destruction of property are all top reasons that animals are surrendered to shelters. We provide resources to help you and your pet understand one another better and stay together forever. 

Temporary Boarding

An extensive surgery, domestic violence, or temporary homelessness are all factors that work to separate pets from their people. We finance temporary boarding at approved locations, so you can focus on getting back on your feet and reunited with your pet. 

Senior Pet Adoption

We have a soft spot for senior pets, we think they only get better with age. We educate adopters, advocate for senior pet adoption, promote and sponsor senior shelter pets. 

Our Mission

Gray Muzzle Society keeps pets out of shelters and with their people by providing financial support to families in need. We work to end animal suffering through support programs, adoption, education, and advocacy.

Get Involved

Love senior pets and want to help? We are looking for volunteers to help manage social media, educate owners, process applications, and other essential functions.

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