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How we help

Gray Muzzle Society’s grants are intended to help keep pets with their families by providing financial assistance during times of hardship. Grant funds go to life saving veterinary care, temporary pet boarding, and behavioral services. Grants will be paid directly to the providers of these services. Grants are also awarded to help with the financial aspects of caring for geriatric or special needs animals. Unsure if your situation qualifies for a grant? See the guidelines listed to the right, or reach out to [email protected]We’re always happy to help!

You can also visit our resources page  for assistance finding help with routine veterinary care, human resources, and more.


Grant information
What We Fund

 Examples of Gray Muzzle Society grants may include:

-Veterinary care for emergency life-saving procedures

-Veterinary care for age-related or chronic conditions ( e.g. periodontal disease, kidney disease, cancer)

-Temporary boarding at PACFA certified boarding facilities during times of hardship ( e.g. unexpected home loss, domestic violence, brief incarceration, recovery due to surgery).

-Assistance paying for a veterinarian-approved special diet due to a chronic, long-term veterinary condition.

-Assistance paying for behavioral training for serious behavioral issues that impact the animal’s quality of life or threaten their ability to stay in their home ( e.g. inappropriate urination, aggression, etc.)

-Assistance paying back debt acquired due to veterinary emergencies ( e.g. Care Credit)

How We Fund It

Grants are paid directly to trusted community partners (veterinary clinics, boarding facilities, etc.) on behalf of the grantee. Funds are not paid out to the animal’s owner under any circumstance. Gray Muzzle Society grants are funded by generous donors, this ensures traceability and accountability of donor funds. 

Individual stories will be used based on the grant applicant’s permission and additional funds raised by this type of appeal will go to helping future applicants.

What We DOn't Fund
-Grants are not awarded for routine veterinary procedures such as wellness exams, vaccinations, or spay/neuter.

-Grants are not provided for any elective procedures.

-Grants are not provided for convenience boarding, non-essential changes in diet, or specialty pet training.

-Grants are not provided for human expenses

Success Stories


 DeeOhGee has dedicated her life to making the world better for the people around her. She was an emotional support dog for a homeless veteran in Denver, living on a piece of cardboard and relying on the kindness of strangers. When she lost her owner, Josie and Thomas...



After losing his dog of more than a decade, Jeff was devastated. Searching for a new emotional support dog, Yoshi came into his life at just the right moment. Jeff adopted Yoshi, and Yoshi returned the favor by keeping Jeff healthy, physically and emotionally, ...



Jazzie has been by Vicki’s side since the day she adopted her from a rescue, and Vicki would do anything for her loyal friend. As Jazzie aged, Vicki decided to take extra precautions to keep Jazzie healthy and enrolled her in pet insurance. Jazzie began to experience...

Skittle and Riley

Skittle and Riley

Chris’s two cats Skittle and Riley are her life, or as she’ll quickly tell you, her babies. She loves them and would do anything to keep them healthy. When asked to describe her connection with her cats Chris's response was simple, "They make me feel special. They...