Gray Muzzle Society Assistance Programs

Helping pets grow old with their people

Few things are as powerful as the human-animal bond. Sadly, thousands of pets are separated from their families each year due to unexpected circumstances. We provide families with the resources they need to keep pets where they belong, at home with the people who love them.

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Our Mission

Keeping Pets and Families Together

There’s no better place for a pet than in a home with their family. Gray Muzzle Society was born from the idea that every pet should have the chance to grow old surrounded by people who love them.  Each year millions of animals enter shelters in the United States. We want to make sure that a temporary problem never results in a permanent separation. 


Our Assistance Programs provide grants to families in need to help cover unexpected veterinary procedures, behavioral services, and more. We also offer a temporary care program that provides safe housing for pets while their owners establish safe, permanent housing.