Meet the Cows

While they’re usually referred to as cows, Jeffrey and Douglas are actually steers, which are castrated male cattle. Their journey began as by-products of the dairy industry, a realm where male cattle often face an uncertain fate due to their perceived lack of utility. Unlike many of their counterparts, Jeffrey and Douglas were fortunate to find sanctuary at Molly’s Menagerie. In the dairy industry, male calves are separated from their mothers shortly after birth, a practice aimed at maximizing milk production for human consumption. Regrettably, these male calves are commonly disposed of, auctioned off, or relegated to the veal industry. Dairy breeds, bred primarily for milk production, typically do not possess the same growth rate or meat quality as cattle raised specifically for beef production. You can make more compassionate choices when you consume dairy by choosing plant-based dairy, decreasing your dairy consumption, or shopping with brands or farms that promote animal welfare. 

Meet The Cows


Meet Jeffrey, affectionately known as Jeff. He was born in the spring of 2022.  Jeffrey is a Holstein dairy cow, the largest and most common dairy breed in the United States. and came to us as a surplus steer calf from a Colorado dairy farm. Jeffrey  has a sweet and playful personality, and is a bit of an escape artist. He’s always testing fences and looking for weak spots that he can jump, climb, or bulldoze over. He’s hosted several of his own “personal parades” down Highway 8, and feels that the grass really is greener on the other side. Jeffrey arrived around the same time as Brian the sheep, and despite their size difference, they’ve become inseparable friends.


Douglas, or Doug, was born in December 2023 at a small Colorado dairy farm. Jeffrey had been with us just over a year and was becoming extremely playful, and increasingly talking to the cattle at the ranch down the road. We decided to be on the lookout for another dairy steer in need. Doug is Jersey steer, the smallest of the dairy breeds, and more commonly used for cheese, butter, and ice cream because of their higher fat content. Jeffrey wasn’t sure what to think of Doug when they first met, especially because sadly Doug was constantly looking for his mom and trying to nurse, something Jeffrey wasn’t interested in. Gradually the two have become buddies, with Jeffrey teaching Douglas all about being a cow.

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