Meet The Sheep

Percy, Brian, and Wulfric make up our sheep flock. Wulfric and Percy are wool breeds, and came to us as bottle lambs when we first added sheep and goats as weed-eaters and pasture pets. There are many reasons that lambs end up needing to be bottle fed, including being rejected by or losing their mother, being born a triplet or quadruplet (sheep can generally only care for two lambs) or suffering from an illness. For many  farmers they are not profitable, and are sold at auction or given away. 





Brian, who stands out from the other two because of his short fur and long tail, is referred to as a hair-breed sheep. Brian is a Dorper sheep originating in Africa and does not grow wool but rather hair, which he sheds naturally. Brian was born unexpectedly at a woman’s small farm, where she had taken in sheep that her neighbor was no longer able to care for. He was born on a cold night and caught a chill. She reached out to us to see if we were able to help him. At first, Brian was too ill to drink from a bottle and he had to be tube fed, thankfully after a few days he has grown stronger, and now he is a leading member of the menagerie.

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