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Temporary Care
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Goodbye Really isn’t forever.

Gray Muzzle Society’s Temporary Care program was designed to make sure that temporary problems don’t result in permanent separation.


Whether you’re facing natural disaster, rebuilding your life due to domestic violence or addiction, facing deployment or incarceration, or recovering from extensive surgery or illness, we’re here to help. 

How does Temporary Care Work?

Pets placed in temporary care are relinquished to the care of Gray Muzzle Society for a predetermined period of time. Depending on timeline and availability pets are placing in an approved foster home, or boarded at a certified facility. Gray Muzzle Society provides full care for the pet until the predetermined date, when they are reunited with their family. 

Do I qualify for Temporary Care?

Anyone who is unable to care for their pet due to unforeseen circumstances qualifies for temporary care. 

We do not offer temporary care for extended vacations, elective procedures, or other non-essential situations. 

What does it cost?

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, temporary care is offered free of charge to those in need, though donations towards your pet’s care is always appreciated. 

How Can I Help?

We are always looking for foster homes that are willing to take in temporary care animals. Already have a houseful of your own? Consider making a recurring donation to help fund the care of pets in need.