Chris’s two cats Skittle and Riley are her life, or as she’ll quickly tell you, her babies. She loves them and would do anything to keep them healthy. When asked to describe her connection with her cats Chris’s response was simple, “They make me feel special. They make my life better”. Once the elderly cats began experiencing age-related medical conditions she opened a Care Credit account to help pay for their ongoing veterinary care. While it helped keep her cats healthy as they aged, the bills began to add up.

When Riley was diagnosed with spondylosis, painful arthritis of the spine that impacted his ability to urinate, she wasn’t sure what she was going to do. At the same time, Skittle was diagnosed with kidney disease and irritable bowel disease, requiring an abdominal ultrasound and regular lab work.

Retired and living on a fixed income, Chris was struggling to pay for the necessary hospitalization, imaging, and diagnostics that would cost thousands of dollars for each cat. Thankfully, her vet clinic referred her to Gray Muzzle Society. Riley was temporarily boarded and provided with round-the-clock veterinary care until his condition stabilized. Gray Muzzle Society was also able to provide a grant to help pay for some of Chris’s veterinary bills.

Skittle and Riley are now on sustainable maintenance plans, and will have the chance to spend many more years enriching Chris’s life. Thanks to your support Skittle and Riley will grow old in their home, with the person who loves them most.