Low-Cost Veterinary Clinics

These clinics offer low-cost veterinary care in the Denver Metro region. In some cases care me be subsidized or payment plans may be offered.  Please contact individual clinics for more information.

Resources for Pets

The following organizations may be able to provide pet owners with food, medications, or other basic supplies.

Resources for People

Public libraries serve as an excellent community resource and have detailed lists of community programs. Rather than recreate the wheel, we’ve linked several websites that offer complete lists of local resources and programs. Resources can be found for food, housing, crisis response, immigration, senior support, and more.

Financial Assistance

We hope that Gray Muzzle Society will be able to help you and your pet stay together, however, the following organizations may also be able to provide support.

Apply for Assistance

We hope the resources above provided some help, but we hope we can help too!


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