DeeOhGee has dedicated her life to making the world better for the people around her. She was an emotional support dog for a homeless veteran in Denver, living on a piece of cardboard and relying on the kindness of strangers. When she lost her owner, Josie and Thomas took her into their home, where she quickly became a member of the family. Shortly after finding her new family, DeeOGee was diagnosed with diabetes. Thankfully, Josie and Thomas were able to take on the costly and challenging care this diagnosis required.

After having DeeOhGee spayed, her veterinarian noticed another problem, a suspected resistant mammary infection that specialists were having a hard time treating. A few weeks later. DeeOhGee’s veterinarians told her family news that no one wants to hear, the infection that had troubled DeeOhGee may actually be cancer. The only way to cure her and know for sure would be an intensive surgery to remove the affected area and send it out for diagnostics, costing thousands of dollars. 

DeeOhGee’s family were devastated, and reached out to Gray Muzzle Society for help. Thankfully, Gray Muzzle was able to provide a grant to help offset the cost of DeeOhGee’s procedure. Even better, her surgery was a success, and her histopathology reports were cancer free. Thanks to your support, her loving family, and her skilled medial team, DeeOhGee now has a bright future with her family.