Gray Muzzle Ranch


A place where farm animals grow old.


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About the Ranch

When we moved to a few acres in Morrison, CO we decided to adopt a trio of 8 year old Nigerian Dwarf goats who were looking for a new home. We enjoyed the goats so much that soon even more unwanted farm animals began to find their way to our home.  After a flock of abandoned Easter ducklings and a badly neglected piglet from a factory farm joined the family we decided to incorporate the ranch with the Gray Muzzle Society. Farm animals are often overlooked, but we believe that they deserve to live a happy life just as much as our more conventional pets do. 

Gray Muzzle Ranch is a sanctuary, and unlike our rescue the animals here aren’t up for adoption, they’ve found their forever home. But that doesn’t mean they can’t use your help. Penny and Dudley, the pigs, eat more than 100 lbs of food each week alone. You can help support the care of the animals at Gray Muzzle Ranch by shopping on our wish list. Have a farm animal you can no longer care for?  Feel free to reach out to see if we have space available. 


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